Language Tips for the Dominican Republic

Language Tips for the Dominican Republic

  |   Posted: April 09, 2004

Knowing Spanish is good for traveling to the Dominican Republic, but most street vendors and shopkeepers in tourist areas like the one pictured here speak English.

The people of the Dominican Republic are among the friendliest in the Caribbean and their hospitality is genuine. While most shopkeepers and people in tourist areas of the Dominican Republic speak English, the official language of the country is Spanish. Take an English-Spanish dictionary or Spanish phrase book when you visit the island nation.

If it's been a while since your high school Spanish class, here are a few helpful phrases to jog your memory.

Hello: Hola

Good bye: Adi󳼯i>

How are you?: Có­¯ esta usted?

I am fine: Estoy bien

Please: Por favor

Thank you: Gracias

Excuse me: Perd󮥭e

You're welcome: De nada

How much does it cost?: Cuá®´o cuesta?

I'll take it: Lo llevo

I do not speak Spanish: No hablo espa񯬼/i>

I don't understand: No entiendo

Where is the bathroom?: Donde estᠥl ba񯿼/i>

Where is the hotel?: Donde está ¥l hotel?

It's hot: Hace calor

Pronunciation tips: The "h" is silent in Spanish; therefore, "hielo" is pronounced similar to yellow. The "񢠩s pronounced "ny"; therefore, "peque񯢼/i> is pronounced pe-ken-yo.

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