Christmas in Kenya

Christmas in Kenya

  |   Posted: December 23, 2002

Making Christmas Cme Alive

Kisumu Deliverance Child Development Center (KE-356)

In Kisumu - a town of 100,000 in western Kenya, near the shores of Lake Victoria - most adults are impoverished day laborers. Christmas is a special time for families whose children attend the Kisumu Deliverance Child Development Center. The project workers put on a Christmas party, inviting parents to enjoy special plays, dances, poems, and verses performed by the children. Every child at the center receives Christmas gifts.

Additionally, children who have exhibited special efforts to complete their schoolwork, or to maintain a good attendance record at Sunday school and project activities, are given small gifts to encourage them. These awards are also given to inspire the rest of the children to aim high.

Following the ceremony, food is served to all the children and everyone celebrates together. Usually, the children are treated to candy and sweet treats at this special event.

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