A New Heart

A New Heart
Crister, his mother and sister are so thankful for those who give to Partners of Compassion. Because of their faithfulness, Crister has a new beginning.

When Crister Ayo was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease at age 12, he was devastated. When the doctor explained to him that the condition would cause permanent damage to a heart valve, Crister feared he might not live to see his 13th birthday.
He was also suffering from acute rheumatic fever and an infection at the anterior tip of his heart. In spite of treatments, he continued to get worse.
Crister's doctor knew the boy needed heart surgery. And he needed it fast.
But Crister's parents could never afford the surgery and hospital bills. Crister's father, who is a teacher, earns only about $200 a month.
But because Crister was enrolled in Compassion's Life Care and Development Student Center in Naga City, Compassion was able to fund the surgery.
Praise God that Crister's heart surgery went well! Through Partners of Compassion, Crister is now a young teenager enjoying his new beginning.
"We're very grateful to God that He helped us in a very perfect time," says Crister's mother, Mrs. Ayo. "When Crister was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease our family was already in financial difficulty. My husband was also hospitalized due to kidney and hypertensive problem. We accepted the fact that only God can do miracle in our situation.

"During our stay in the hospital & I always found myself at the window looking outside for nothing," says Mrs. Anyo. "But I found hope when some of the staff of Compassion came just to give us encouragement and prayer.

"But for all of the pain, we experienced the love of God through the church and Compassion," she explains. "May the good Lord continually bless the ministry of the Compassion and all the donors and sponsors who give generously."