A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True

Uneducated child grows to become a Calcutta pastor

By: Pastor Somayajula Raja Rao, as told to Provashish Dutta, East India Sponsor Donor Ministry Coordinator   |   Posted: April 10, 2004

Pastor Somayajula Raja Rao, age 36, proudly displays the book that has made his dream come true. As a pastor and evangelist, he is now sharing what he has learned about the Bible.

I come from the small village of Anakapalli in the district of Visakapatnam. I was not yet 5 years old when my mother brought me to the Compassion project at Zion Children's Home (IN-109). Thinking back on my days there, I praise God for so many good things He has brought forth in my life.

Role Models

I did not have the privilege of attending school before being registered in the Compassion program. My father left the family, and my sisters took care of me because my mother spent her days in the market selling vegetables to sustain us. She came to know God even before I was registered with Compassion and was a major influence in bringing me to a better knowledge of God.

At Christmastime, pastors came to speak at Zion. Looking at them, I dreamed about being like them when I grew up. But I hardly imagined that my dream would become reality!

I learned many things from the Bible at Zion Children's Home that still hold great value to me. In time, I was able to attend Calcutta Bible College and to graduate in 1991 with a bachelor of theology degree. Currently, I pastor the Telugu section of Hastings Church in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). I also run my own outreach program in the suburbs.

Moved With Compassion

Being a Compassion-sponsored child, I have come to know the essence of what it means to be "moved with compassion." I imagine how much compassion my sponsor must have felt when looking at my photo. He made a faithful commitment to support me during the years I was in the program. This has helped me break the shackles of poverty and neglect. With a heart full of gratitude, I thank my sponsor for all he has done for me. I also give special thanks to Compassion for making all of this possible.

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