Featured Stories

featured stories

Featured Stories - These featured stories from the developing world highlight the countries and communities we work in. The stories feature the children and families we serve and the churches we partner with. The vast majority of the stories are written by our local country staff.

The stories we feature on this page focus on the challenges in fighting extreme poverty in Africa, Asia, South America, Central American and the Caribbean as well as the needs of people living in abject global poverty. The featured stories promote our programs and the application of our Christian holistic child development model as a solution to release children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty.

Featured Stories
  • Journey Back to Health

    Aug 25, 2015

    Jeremy regains his ability to run and play when Compassion covers medical treatment for a debilitating leg condition.

  • Fighting for Her Future

    Aug 25, 2015

    When Lalitha’s father decided to stop her education and force her to marry at a young age, she stood her ground and fought for her rights.

  • A Brighter Future Through Skills Training

    Aug 24, 2015

    "In the past, my parents supported me. Now that I am able to work and earn more than they ever did, I think it’s my turn to support them."

  • Ana's Second Chance

    Aug 24, 2015

    While struggling to keep her baby alive, Ana finds faith in God.

  • The Education Key

    Aug 24, 2015

    Education is the key to unlocking a future free from poverty. Sponsorship provides the means to attend and succeed in school.

  • Changing History

    Aug 04, 2015

    When Edinson preached for the first time, at age 8, it was clear that he had a gift.

  • Hidden Talent Brought Into the Light

    Aug 04, 2015

    "Don’t hide your talent, because it has been given to you by God." — Bijolee Badio

What is Poverty?

Poverty is an opportunity to provide an opportunity. It's an opportunity to free a child from a life sentenced to marginalization.

Heroes Don't Always Wear Capes

The significance of sponsoring a child is that, in many ways and circumstances, sponsorship is a child's life.

The Power of Words

Words have power. They can destroy and create. Sometimes a single word can change everything.

24 Things Every Sponsor Should Know

The most important things you should know about sponsoring a child, from the mouths of Compassion employees and other sponsors.

Child Sponsorship Supplements Traditional Schooling

We not only address the academic but also the socio-emotional, physical and spiritual.

Poverty Color Wheel

Our "poverty color wheel" vividly illustrates that the presence of poverty doesn't mean dignity is absent.