Alumni Fellowship Program

Alumni Fellowship

The Alumni Fellowship and Speakers Bureau equips emerging international leaders with additional skills, training and spiritual growth so they can have a greater impact on their church, family, and country.

The Fellowship is a work internship which allows Compassion Alumni to come to the U.S. to work as trainees in their fields of expertise at Compassion’s Global Ministry Center for one year, while at the same time furthering the mission of Compassion by speaking at events to help release children from poverty in Jesus’ name, promoting child sponsorship and other fund raising efforts.

Job placement of Fellows is based on the applicant’s major field of study, as well as relevant experience in both ministry and the workplace. Certain qualifications may be also met through adequate background experience.

Wesly Hippolyte

“I do enjoy working at the GMC, the experience is enormous. I enjoy the environment. People here are just amazing. More connections.

"I had the privilege to visit my sponsor, spend time with them.

"I enjoy seeing people sign up at the table [to sponsor children], because I know somehow a child will have a great opportunity to become what God has created him to be.

"I enjoy travelling, having new friends, snowshoeing, and hiking. After all, it’s a life-changing experience.”
— Wesly Hippolyte, Haiti

Innocent Mucunguzi

“The program is very paramount for my personal development and growth. I have enjoyed being part of the complex team at GMC that advocates for children. Whenever I go for events to speak, I always perceive and take it serious being reminded some advocate spoke on an event where I got a sponsor.

"I was given extensive communication training which has boosted my self-esteem to communicate to big audiences. It gives me joy to see children sponsored after sharing God’s goodness through the ministry of Compassion International.

"My job as the Learning and Certification Specialist gives me the zeal to wake up early in the morning to go to work. This (Alumni Fellowship) will be very advantageous for my family and future career.” — Innocent Mucunguzi, Uganda

  • Who? Compassion International Alumni with a Bachelor’s Degree. Applicants must have successfully completed a Compassion International Program. Additionally, applicant MUST express and demonstrate how participation in the fellowship role will enhance further development of career and future life goals upon return to their home country!
  • What? The Alumni Fellowship and Speakers Bureau is an exciting work internship program.The Fellowship is a paid internship consisting of 32-45 hours of work per week. Selected Fellows will be given on-the-job training and will work in their field of expertise. Additionally, Fellows will travel and speak on behalf of Compassion as an advocate to eliminate poverty in Jesus’ name.
  • When? Application process opens Wednesday, July 15th. The Fellowship will run December 2015 through December 2016.
  • Where? Compassion International’s Global Ministry Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.A.
  • How? Detailed job descriptions and applications will be available July 2015 on the Compassion Employment Opportunities web page:

In order to qualify for the Alumni Fellowship, applicants MUST:

  • Be a graduate of the Compassion International program
  • Have completed University and be in possession of all completion documents
  • Possess very high proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Have completed University NO less than 12 months prior, and NO more than 5 years. And, have had minimal breaks in employment since graduation from University
  • Possess the skills and education necessary to qualify for one or more of the posted jobs. (Read the job descriptions carefully)
  • Express and be able to adequately demonstrate how participation in the fellowship role will enhance further development of career and future life goals upon return to their home country!

The Global Ministry Center in Colorado Springs is the corporate setting “behind the scenes” of Compassion’s international ministry. Compassion International works through local churches in 26 different countries. The country and field offices are the “hands and feet” of the ministry and are staffed by nationals in each country. To learn more about Compassion programs, please visit:

Based on their specific needs, several GMC departments have created one-year Fellowship employment positions, mainly within the following corporate functions: 

  • Business
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Marketing

Job placement of Fellows is based on the applicant’s major field of study, as well as relevant experience in both ministry and the workplace. However, if the applicant’s major does not exactly match a job opening, certain qualifications may be met through adequate background experience.

Throughout the one-year program, Fellows receive job coaching from their supervisors. The majority of time is spent in training and working on major projects in their assigned departments; the remainder is spent traveling and speaking on behalf of Compassion International.

Supervisors are looking for self-motivated individuals who engage job tasks with creativity, ingenuity and energy. Applicants must demonstrate sufficient organizational and communication skills, and the maturity to follow through on all work projects. Ideal applicants should be teachable, able to multitask on both short- and long-term projects, and above all, advocates for children in poverty.

Detailed job descriptions and applications will be available in July 2015 on the Compassion Employment Opportunities web page. The last day to apply is August 2nd. Applicants can apply for more than one position, but are encouraged to ONLY apply for positions that they are qualified for. If not selected to interview for one position, an applicant still may be considered for another position.

Please view the essential qualifications in each job description prior to applying, to make sure you are eligible. Those who applied in the past but were not accepted into the Alumni Fellowship may reapply for 2015 if they still qualify.

Please check your email regularly; communication is primarily conducted through the email address you provide on your application, due to a high volume of communication. If an applicant at any point along the process is seen as an inadequate match to a job position, he or she will be notified at the earliest possible date via email.

Applicants whose skills match openings will be contacted by the Alumni Fellowship Manager and then telephoned by Compassion’s Human Resources department. Human Resources will select three or four final applicants for each position to be interviewed by the hiring supervisors. Those supervisors will relay their final hiring decision, as well as a selected runner-up candidate, after the final interviews are completed. Final hiring decisions are expected by November/December of 2015.

These serve as tentative dates only. The actual timeframes are subject to change.

  • July 2015 - Job postings available online at
  • August 2nd - Final day to submit applications.
  • August - Applications reviewed & applicants notified if they are selected for initial interview
  • August/September - Applicant SKYPE Interviews & reference forms submitted to Compassion
  • August/September - Final Interviews
  • September - Applicants notified of Hiring Managers' decision
  • September - Finalists in selection process apply to Cultural Vistas
  • October/November - Cultural Vistas & Compassion International issue documents for embassy appointment
  • November/December - Embassy appointments & Final Visa Approval
  • December - Prepare for departure to USA
  • Late December/Early January - Travel to USA
  • The Alumni Fellowship is a paid internship and all expenses associated with the Fellowship are covered by Compassion International. This includes: Visa application cost, transportation to and from U.S.A., and some incidental expenses.
  • Fellows are paid $8-12 per hour.
  • Fellows will stay in host homes of Compassion employees. There is a screening process for hosts, and a housing contract is issued for both the home host and the Fellow to sign, agreeing to certain house rules and expectations. Fellows are expected to keep a clean living space, adhere to house rules, and spend regular time with the family. Fellows will receive a monthly stipend of $400 a month to pay to the home host to help provide for expenses such as utilities and internet service. Fellows must purchase their own food for meals and provide for their own personal items.
  • Transportation to and from work at the GMC is generally provided by the home host. It is up to the discretion of home hosts to provide additional transportation.

**You must have secured a passport on your own before applying for the visa.**

Selected Fellows will apply for a J1 visa with the U.S. Embassy. Although Compassion will select Fellows prior to the visa process, the granting of a visa is the actual determining factor for a selected Fellow being permitted to come to the U.S.A. Applying for a visa is simple, but obtaining a visa can be very difficult. Compassion does everything in its power to assist in the process, but approval or denial depends on the judgment of the consular. It is possible to be selected as a Compassion Fellow and then be denied a visa by the U.S. government. In that case, the position may be filled with another applicant who does obtain a visa.

Relocation package and visa sponsorship provided for chosen candidates ONLY. Compassion will not provide visa sponsorship or relocation package for family members.

This page contains helpful links and downloadable documents.

Information on the J-1 visa

Information on applying for a J-1 visa

Link to U.S. Embassies worldwide

Downloaded Visa Tips file [Word Document]
VISA Interview Tips.doc

Compassion International works with Cultural Vistas, which is the legal sponsor of your J1 visa. Cultural Vistas helps secure all of the documents needed in order to be successful in obtaining a visa. Once you have been pre-selected by Compassion International, you will also apply to Cultural Vista’s. DO NOT PROCEED TO THIS STEP UNTIL DIRECTED BY THE FELLOWSHIP MANAGER.

Link to Cultural Vistas:

As part of your Fellowship, you will be speaking on behalf of Compassion International as an advocate for sponsorship. We will train you in Dynamic Communication and fully prepare you to present to live audiences. You will share your testimony of how Compassion International assisted you to become a Christian adult who has been released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Once you are trained we will begin booking you for travel around the U.S.A. You will travel 2-3 weekends per month in addition to working full time and will speak at large and small events. Some events will have less than ten people and some events will have ten thousand.

Once Compassion International has selected you to move forward in the application process, we will require you to submit a minimum of three letters of reference. Below you will find a download to these forms. (Please do not request that your references submit a letter on your behalf until you are notified by Compassion that we are in need of these.) Your references will submit their letters directly to the Program Manager.

Creative Relationships Team Position: Alumni Fellow - College Marketing
Creative Relationships Team

The Creative Relationships Team manages Compassion's partnership with hundreds of creative communicators: Christian speakers, bestselling authors, music artists, teachers, worship leaders, comedians, visual artists, college/university chaplains, and even Compassion alumni, who are challenging the world with the transforming power of the gospel message. These friends and partners are messengers of our mission to release children from poverty in Jesus' name. Through passionate and convincing presentations at festivals, concerts, conferences, college chapels, and other events, our ambassadors have helped bring opportunity and hope to more than 450,000 children in poverty. Within the Creative Relationships team, there are marketing efforts to partner with college chapels and universities in the mission of transforming the next generation with Jesus' command to "love your neighbor". For 20 years, this marketing strategy has worked to host Compassion-sponsored Chapels and special events on college and university campuses, which has resulted in more than 25,000 children in need sponsored.

Sponsor Donor Relations Team Position: Alumni Fellow - Sponsor Donor Services Call Center
Sponsor Donor Relations Team

The Sponsor Donor Relations (SDR) team exists within the Sponsor and Donor Services Division (SDS) as a contact center to interact with sponsor and donors through phone, email, web and social media in a real-time environment. SDR is often the first point of contact with sponsor and helps ensure their supporter experience is a great experience. The SDR team is an enthusiastic and committed team who understands the needs of both the beneficiary and the sponsor, and desires to provide an outstanding customer service experience to help ensure a long lasting relationship between the sponsor and beneficiary. This team's work is vital in Compassion accomplishing its mission of releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name!

Sponsor and Donor Services Training and Quality Assurance Team Position: Alumni Fellow - Sponsor and Donor Services Quality Assurance
Sponsor Donor Quality Assurance Team

The Sponsor and Donor Services (SDS) Training and Quality Assurance Team is essential to the daily operations of Sponsor and Donor Services (SDS) and ensures we are providing excellent customer service to our supporters, clients, and Compassion family. Ths department directly reviews work and procedures and is knowledgeable about all functions of SDS. To ensure best practices and fully understand the production environment, each Quality Assurance team member is allotted specific duties to work in live production. They are committed to providing constructive feedback to Compassion's Contact Center, Sponsor and Donor Processing (SDP) and the Distribution Center (DCR) in order to guarantee these areas are performing with excellence. This team's efforts are critical to the functions within Compassion that help us accomplish our mission of releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name!


Have you read through the information and can’t find what you’re looking for?
Please contact the Fellowship Manager, Maggie Turner, with your specific Fellowship questions: