Housing and Transportation

Housing and Transportation
Internship Housing & Transportation
  • If out-of-state students have no other housing options (e.g., family, friends, etc), they are eligible to receive housing from Compassion staff and contacts at local churches who partner with Compassion. There is a screening process for hosts, and a housing contract is issued for both the Home Host and the Intern to sign in which they agree to certain house rules and expectations. Interns are expected to keep a clean living space, house sit if applicable, spend regular time with the family, etc. Interns will pay a one- time fee of $600 to the Home Host to help provide for utilities, etc. (distributed in $200 increments over the span of 10.5 weeks).
  • Interns will be required to provide their own transportation to Colorado Springs, and provide their own vehicle while working in Colorado Springs throughout the summer. Interns must also purchase their own food for meals and their own living necessities. However, under special circumstances, if an Intern does not have a vehicle to use for the summer, a Home Host may be able to provide a ride to and from work if the Home Host works at Compassion on the same time schedule as the Intern. In this event, Interns must pay for gas used and will be expected to arrange a ride (possibly from another Intern) to attend non work-related events and weekend activities (Home Hosts will not provide rides outside of transportation to and from work).
2011 Interns Hiking

Previous interns on a hike and enjoying Colorado