Educational Activities for Children

educational activities for children

Parents and teachers can use educational activities for children to teach kids about poverty and issues facing their peers around the world. Learning can be fun!

The educational activities included in this magazine are:

  • Recipes: Find tasty recipes from around the globe. Kids can develop an appreciation for the world’s cuisines!
  • Crafts: How do kids in other countries entertain themselves? Find fun crafts that are inspired by international children. Many times, children make crafts to help supplement the family income. They often use natural materials and trash as their craft supplies.
  • Printables: Children will spend hours filling out activity pages that are educational, as well as fun!

Our educational activities for children are hands-on projects tailored to teach kids about poverty and how kids live around the world. Not only will children have fun, but the activities will be life-changing. Kids will learn the reality of poverty in the world today and gain a new appreciation for their circumstances.

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Make a birdfeeder out of a pinecone, peanut butter and seed!
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Kid's Recipe: Arroz con leche Recipes Arroz con Leche

The Spanish name of this Colombian-style rice pudding translates to “rice with milk.”

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Kid's Activity: Make your own jump rope! Craft Jump Rope Jump for Joy

You can recycle by reusing plastic bags to make a jump rope.

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Kids Game: Guardians of Grainsberry Kids Activities Kids Game: Guardians of Grainsberry Guardians of Grainsberry

In this game, collect supplies to make food, clothes and shelter!

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Grown Your Own Green Onions! Projects Kid's Project: Grow Your Own Green Onions Grow Food From Scraps

Follow these steps to keep a steady supply of green onions growing in your kitchen.

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