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A Mother Dreams of Safe Water

What if you knew the water you gave your children made them sick? Parents in poverty face that reality each day. See one mother in Tanzania’s struggles with safe water – and then hear the hope she has found through Compassion!

From Suffering to Salvation

Ana's father was a dangerous drug dealer who filled the family's home with abuse and violence. Ana needed protection — and she would find it through the church and Compassion.

Transforming Homes, Changing Lives

Parents in poverty rarely have a chance to attend a parenting workshop — they are more focused on simply surviving. But hear from caregivers and Compassion staff just how much the training has changed entire families and transformed homes into havens for their children.

Beauty More Powerful Than Sadness

Hector had always been described as "sensitive." But the staff at the Compassion center he attended refused to see that as a negative thing. Art helped Hector take what some called a disability and turn it into a masterpiece.