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kenia perfas lifting dumbbells
A Race Against Poverty: Kenia's Story

Kenia Perfas has been in a race her whole life. A race against poverty, a race against illiteracy, a race against failure and neglect. But she's now racing toward the finish line with victory in her sights.

a young African child lies on her side on a mattress covered by a mosquito net
World Malaria Day – April 25

Malaria is an entirely preventable and treatable disease — yet it still takes the lives of hundreds of thousands every year. As we prepare for World Malaria Day on April 25, see how Compassion is battling this serious disease by preventing and treating malaria among the children we serve.

a young girl leans agains a corrugated metal wall
Pray for Compassion Sunday — April 26

Compassion Sunday is coming up, and hundreds of churches across the United States will be working on behalf of children in poverty to find new sponsors! Your prayers are essential as potential sponsors hear the message, "A Child Needs You." Will you pray with us as we count down to Compassion Sunday 2015?

Abigail Luis
In Her Words

"The project has been a great help in my daily life and especially in my spiritual life, because every week we are nurtured by the Word of God and learn many things. They make it clear to us that God loves us and that we will never be lonely in the world."

— Abigail Luis, Sponsored Child, Mexico

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