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A Kenyan mother and son stand next to their donkey.
Some Gifts Can't Be Wrapped

A gift like livestock may be hard to put a bow on—but it can change the future for a family in poverty. In this video see how gifts of pigs, goats and chickens can give a family food, income and a secure tomorrow.

A five-year old boy sits in a green plastic chair with his prized possesions in his lap.
Prized Possessions

On Christmas Day children around the world will be opening gifts and playing with their new toys. What can you learn about a child based on his or her favorite toy? This photo essay gives you a glimpse into the lives of children we serve.

An Indian mother and her 5-year old son sit on the floor with a plate of food in front of them.
Equipped for the Future

When Ujjala joined the Child Survival Program, she had little faith that her life could actually change. But CSP gave her something she had never known—hope for the future. Ujjala has fostered a different path for her family, one that leads out of poverty.

Jennifer, a 15-year old Filipino girl and Compassion International-assisted child
In Her Words

"All the Bible stories and lessons I learned from the student center when I was a child now give me strength to face [any trial]."

— Jennifer Cosme, a Compassion student in the Philippines

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