State and Local Campaigns

Compassion offers hope to more than 1.5 million children in 26 developing countries. Compassion's life-changing programs equip children with the tools they need to overcome extreme poverty. Compassion is Christ-centered and dedicated to building God's kingdom. Every child learns about the hope of Jesus Christ.

State and Local Campaigns

What is a state or local campaign?

If you are an employee of state or local government, you may be able to donate to Compassion through a campaign at your workplace. Through campaigns offered by employers such as school districts, law enforcement agencies and state sanitation departments, many employees have the choice to give through payroll deductions.

How does it work?

If your state or municipal employer provides a workplace giving program, please ask them if Compassion is offered as one of your choices. Through Neighbor to Nation, an umbrella group that represents Christian charities in workplace fund-raising drives, Compassion takes part in programs in many states. Since Neighbor to Nation and the local campaign deduct fund-raising expenses before they distribute the funds raised, Compassion will not receive 100 percent of the money you donate.

However, Compassion feels it is important that we offer you the option of contributing to us in this way. If you sponsor a Compassion child, please note that gifts contributed through a state or local campaign cannot be used toward monthly sponsorship. Since Compassion is not in control of exactly when we receive the contribution, and because we do not receive 100 percent of the donation, it is not possible to allocate it for sponsorship. Instead, the gift will go to the Partners of Compassion (POC) fund.

Want to learn more? Contact us about state and local campaigns.