Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

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Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Thank you for your generous support of Compassion's ministry to the world's children in need! Did you know that the Microsoft Matching Gifts Program, through which you can donate software, can make your contributions go even further to help release children from poverty? You can multiply the value of your Compassion donation up to 10 times by asking Microsoft to match your gift with products.

This special program, through which Microsoft matches employee contributions with software donations, has made a huge impact on our ministry. It has provided us with valuable tools that allow us to be more effective in the work that we do.

Product Matching through TechSoup

As of October 2012, Microsoft uses TechSoup to manage the software matching requests. In the past, employees selected specific product to match their donation. With TechSoup, Compassion receives a credit amount for the donation matched. The credits allow Compassion to purchase the software needed at any point in time, allowing Compassion the greatest flexibility in maximizing your software donations.

Whether you contribute to Compassion through monthly sponsorship, recurring donations to a specific fund or a one-time gift, your contributions of any amount are eligible for matching software donations.

It's easy to request a software donation today

A little time is all it takes to make a big difference in the lives of children around the world. Request a matching software donation today! Download this PDF for detailed instructions on how to match your donation.

How far do the software credits go?

In the table below, Microsoft Matching Donations represents Microsoft’s cost for the software donated. Savings to Compassion is the amount Compassion would have paid to purchase the donated software at charity pricing.

Fiscal Year Microsoft Matching Donations Savings to Compassion
2011 $45,300 $265,000
2012 $74,900 $535,000
2013 $38,660 $223,418
2014 $77,671 $445,792

Thank you for participating in the Microsoft Software Matching Program! If you have any questions about this program, don't hesitate to contact us or visit our Commonly Asked Questions page.