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Compassion's child development program allows you rescue children living in poverty, but through Compassion's Highly Vulnerable Children fund you have the opportunity to donate to children in even more vulnerable situations. When you donate to children through this fund, you literally rescue children from the most vulnerable of circumstances. Together with the local church, we identify children in highly vulnerable situations and provide them with specialized care based on their individual needs. These children need you!

When you donate to children through the Highly Vulnerable Children fund, your money will provide benefits like foster care, trauma counseling, shelter renovations and even legal assistance. Your donation will rescue children in poverty from some of the most life-threatening circumstances.

Once vulnerable children are identified, we evaluate their physical and mental health, nutrition and other criteria to determine what needs to address to most strategically rescue children. When you give to this fund, you donate to children based on whatever their specific needs are, giving them things like nutritional assistance, shelter renovations, clothing or counseling for traumatized children.

Your decision to donate to children through the Highly Vulnerable Children fund will not just rescue children and meet a short-term need, but will change a life forever.

Highly Vulnerable Children
Compassion-Assisted Children on the Brink

Because of poverty, all the children in Compassion’s program are at risk. But among our assisted children are those living in extremely hazardous situations that put their survival and well-being in peril each day. Living without caregivers, or in situations of abuse or extreme privation, these children on the brink urgently need specialized interventions.

Your gift to the Highly Vulnerable Children’s Care will enable local Compassion staff to identify children at extreme risk and provide them the critical — often lifesaving —assistance they desperately need.

How Your Gift Helps

Assistance for highly vulnerable children varies, depending on individual needs, but can include:

  • shelter renovation
  • nutritional support
  • foster care
  • Bible-based trauma counseling
  • legal assistance
Please Help Children on the Brink Today

Compassion-assisted children on the brink need special help — and they need it now. Please open your heart and hand to them with a generous gift to Highly Vulnerable Children’s Care. Children are depending on you. Thank you for caring!

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