Combined Federal Campaign

Combined Federal Campaign

Your gifts to Partners of Compassion, through the Combined Federal Campaign, help save and transform lives! Here’s how...

From January through March 2013 …

  • More than 37,000 children received urgently needed medical treatments such as surgeries, vision treatments and dental work.
  • Compassion countries began distributing 22,640 Compassion Water of Life systems to families in need of safe water.
  • Antiretroviral treatment medications, which can save lives, were distributed to 8,114 Compassion children and/or their caregivers who are HIV-positive.
  • Compassion assisted more than 16,750 children in our programs who were homeless, abandoned, or whose parents/caregivers were unable to care for them.

Frequently asked questions:

How can I participate in this life-changing campaign?

When the campaign kicks off at your workplace, you will be given a pledge card. To give to Compassion, simply write our CFC number (10522) in the space provided.

How will my gifts make a difference?

Your gifts each month will go to Partners of Compassion, which offers hope to children who live in extreme poverty around the world. This vital program covers critical needs beyond what Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program can cover, such as safe water, disaster relief and lifesaving surgeries. Learn more about Partners of Compassion and how your gifts each month will help save lives!

Can my gifts through CFC be used to sponsor a child?

Compassion participates in this campaign through Christian Service Charities, an organization that represents Christian charities in workplace fundraising drives. Unfortunately, since Compassion is not in control of when these contributions are received, it is not possible to allocate them for sponsorship. If you sponsor a Compassion child, please note that gifts contributed through the CFC cannot be used toward monthly child sponsorship. Instead, your gift will go to Partners of Compassion. But please know that you are always welcome to sponsor a child on your own!


Kendry, a 12-year-old girl who lives in Nicaragua, remembers falling down each day for no reason. The problem grew worse until she was finally unable to walk. Even small things, like coloring, seemed to require too much strength. A scan showed that Kendry had a progressive disease that was deteriorating her muscles.

Kendry’s parents had already lost a child to the same disease. They were determined not to lose Kendry too.

Because Kendry was sponsored through Compassion, the staff at her child development center provided her with extra care beyond what sponsorship can cover.

"The center helps with medicine, doctors’ appointments … and vitamins and nutritional meals for when Kendry had low weight,” says Kendry’s mother. “They support me in anything I need with her."

Your gifts to Compassion through the Combined Federal Campaign help make this possible!

Because of the excellent medical care Kendry is receiving, she is feeling stronger than ever.

"For the glory of God, Kendry´s disease has not advanced in these five years and she is improving little by little," her mother says. "God began His work and whatever He begins, He finishes."

If you have chosen to give to Compassion through the Combined Federal Campaign, thank you! You are making an incredible difference in the lives of children around the world.

Questions about CFC? Please feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to help.