Typhoon Falcon Hits the Philippines

How has Typhoon Falcon affected Compassion-assisted children in the Philippines?

Advisory: Typhoon Falcon Hits the Philippines

  |   Posted: June 29, 2011

Typhoon Falcon hit the Philippines on June 23-24. The typhoon brought heavy rains that flooded homes. Since then, the rains have become sporadic.

Compassion Philippines is monitoring the situation for more than 35 Compassion-assisted child development centers and six Child Survival Programs (CSPs) where Compassion-assisted children and their families might be affected. 

In metro Manila, these centers are:

PH-204, PH-206 (CSP PHC34), PH-208, PH-209, PH-210, PH-211 (CSP PHC16), PH-212 (CSP PHC15), PH-214 (CSP PHC37), PH-216 (CSP PHC13), PH-222, PH-224, PH-226, PH-227, PH-229, PH-233, PH-238 (CSP PHC51), PH-239, PH-240, PH-241, PH-242, PH-251, PH-253, PH-254, PH-600 and PH-602. 

In Albay, these centers are:

  • PH-400

  • PH-401

  • PH-406

  • PH-407

  • PH-409

  • PH-437 

In Camarines Sur, these centers are:

  • PH-413

  • PH-415

  • PH-417

  • PH-418

  • PH-422

  • PH-439

The program facilitator for Marikina Four Square Gospel Church Student Center (PH-208) reports that at least 50 families were evacuated to a nearby school for shelter. So far, all of the families and center staff are safe.

The partnership facilitator for Isla Student Center Program (PH-210) reports that:

  • The floodwaters continue to rise in the area where this center is located.

  • The road to this center has been flooded and many people are moving around by canoes.

  • The electricity has been affected.

The nearly 200 Compassion-assisted children and families who belong to this center (PH-210) have received relief items.

The partnership facilitator for Kapatirang Kristiyano sa Coloong Child Development Center (PH-227) reports that many of the homes of more than 250 Compassion-assisted children and the homes of 18 staff members from this center have been flooded. These families are staying with neighbors.

The Partnership Facilitator for Frendz Student Center (PH-251) reports that the area where the center is located is flooded as well. It has also been reported that the church building for this center has been flooded.

Please pray for that the heavy rains will cease and that our children, staff and their families will be safe and protected from harm.

Compassion Philippines will keep us updated as more information is available.

Compassion International will contact you if your sponsored child has been affected.