Advisory: Slum Fire in Bangladesh

Advisory: Slum Fire in Bangladesh

  |   Posted: April 22, 2009

UPDATE: April 22, 2009 - The families who lost homes or belongings in the slum fire are recovering.

Compassion Bangladesh is working with the child development centers to rebuild the homes that were destroyed. They are also replacing basic household items such as clothes, beds and mosquito nets for those who lost them.

Please continue to pray for the Lord to provide for the affected families during the recovery process. Also pray the children do not suffer from fear or anxiety from the fire.

Compassion Bangladesh will keep us updated as more information is available.

Compassion International will contact you if your sponsored child has been affected.

UPDATE: April 15, 2009 - The Compassion-assisted children's families that were affected by the slum fire were able to pull some belongings from their burning homes, but lost them when they were robbed during the fire.

Other families stored their belongings with neighbors, but lost them when the fire destroyed the neighbors' homes as well.

Most of the Compassion-assisted children lost all their clothes during the fire.

The Compassion staff in Bangladesh has supplied each family with food and water to meet their immediate needs, and will work with church partners to help them recover.

April 8, 2009 - Recently, a fire swept through Mirpur, a slum area of Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh.

The fire started in a kitchen and burned for three hours. As a result, many nearby homes were destroyed.

Quite a few Compassion-assisted families live in the area, and an estimated 25 of those families were affected by the fire.

No Compassion-assisted children or families were hurt or killed in the fire.