Advisory: Military Rebellion in Bangladesh

Advisory: Military Rebellion in Bangladesh

  |   Posted: March 04, 2009

UPDATE: March 4, 2009 - The government of Bangladesh has regained control of the rebellion among members of the Bangladesh Rifles.

Through the rebellion the Bangladesh Army lost more than 100 trained officers.

No Compassion-assisted children, staff or family members were affected by this crisis.

Pray for those who were injured or lost loved ones, that they may find comfort in the Lord. Also, please pray for peace in Dhaka.

Compassion Bangladesh will keep us updated as more information is available.

Compassion International will contact you if your sponsored child has been affected.

Feb. 26, 2009 - Recently, rebellious members of the paramilitary unit called the Bangladesh Rifles held 60-70 officers hostage after a violent conflict in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

The violence lead to at least five deaths and about 15 people injured.

No Compassion-assisted children were affected by this crisis.