Advisory: Fire Affects Compassion Center in Peru

How did the fire affected Compassion-assisted children in Peru?
Advisory: Fire Affects Compassion Center in Peru

  |   Posted: August 23, 2011   |   Updated: August 24, 2011

A few months ago, an early morning fire destroyed classrooms at Compassion-assisted center PE-403. This center is located north of Lima, Peru.

The center lost the following resources in the fire:

  • educational materials

  • child and center records

  • furniture

  • computers

Nearly 240 children are registered at this center; however, no Compassion-assisted children were harmed by the fire.

The pastor of the church hosting PE-403 reported that many individuals from the church and community, including gang members, helped to extinguish the fire.   

The center continues to meet while the structure is being rebuilt. 

Please pray for provision and guidance from God as the center classrooms are being rebuilt. Also, please pray that this disaster is used to bring the community closer together.

Compassion Peru will keep us updated as more information is available.
Compassion International will contact you if your sponsored child has been affected.