Cholera Outbreak in the Domincan Republic

How has the cholera outbreak affected Compassion-assisted children in the Dominican Republic?
Advisory: Cholera Outbreak in the Dominican Republic

  |   Posted: June 30, 2011

Since November 2010, at least 46 people have died from cholera in the Dominican Republic. 

Since then, increased cases of cholera have been reported, according the United Nations World Health Organization.

The rise of cholera in Dominican Republic has been connected to Haiti’s cholera outbreak in fall 2010. Many people from Haiti have moved into Dominican communities.

The first cases of cholera that affected Compassion-assisted children in the Dominican Republic were reported in the town of Ingenio Angelina, in the San Pedro de Macoris province. 

Compassion-assisted child development center DR-634 and Child Survival Program center DR-C13 are located in this town.

At least 10 Compassion-assisted children from DR-634 were affected with either cholera or amebiasis (a gastrointestinal infection spread by parasites). Nine of the 10 children have recovered, while one child continues to receive treatment.

Family members of four additional Compassion-assisted children were diagnosed with cholera and amebiasis; their health has improved as well.

Four children and their family members from CSP center DR-C13 were also infected with cholera and amebiasis. The health of these children and their families has improved.

The affected Compassion-assisted center (DR-634) helped stricken children and family members by transporting them to the hospital for treatment. 

The affected Child Survival Program provided the following to those who were in the hospital:

  • medicine

  • baby diapers

  • bed linens

  • personal items

  • food

A group of mothers whose children attend center DR-634 are helping to clean the homes of those who were infected.

Right now Compassion Dominican Republic is providing food, hygiene care products, chlorine and detergent to the families of the children who have been affected.

The church, with the help of Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Public Health, has held meetings to educate the community on how to prevent cholera. Those attending these meetings have been provided with chlorine.

Please pray for the safety and protection of the Ingenio Angelina community from cholera. Pray for the recovery of those who have been become ill.

Compassion Dominican Republic will keep us updated as more information is available.

Compassion International will contact you if your sponsored child has been affected.