Craft Ideas

craft ideas

Craft ideas from countries around the world for elementary school children. Teach children about other cultures utilizing these unique handcraft ideas from rugs to hand-made toys, soap and more. Feel free to share with your friends or pin it on Pinterest to spread the word.

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  1. Use ruler and marker to mark half-inch segments across long side of cardboard. Slit cardboard at your marks, cutting about 3 inches down. This creates notches to grip fabric strips.
  2. Cut bed sheet into 6 strips about 2 inches wide and at least 4 feet long. Set aside. Then cut the rest of the sheet into strips 2 inches wide and at least 2 feet long.
  3. Stack 3 of the shorter strips on top of one another, making 1 thick strip. Slide the thick strip into one cardboard notch, leaving 3 inches hanging off one side. Repeat with 3 shorter strips in each slot. These are your base strips.
  4. Stack 2 of the longer strips on top of one another to make 1 weaving strip. Slide into the first cardboard notch, leaving 3 inches hanging off one side.
  5. Slide weaving strip under first set of 3 base strips, then over second set and so on. When you get to the end of the first row, tighten the weave by tugging on the strips. Then weave the other way. If you run out of weaving strip, weave the end into other strips. Resume weaving with new set of 2 longer strips.
  6. Weave at least 15 rows. Then tie the end of weaving strip to a base strip. Tie each loose strip to another, and cut loose strips to make fringe. Slide off cardboard and repeat on top side.