Compassion's commitment to Ambassadors

Compassion's commitment to Ambassadors starts with this core belief: being a Compassion Ambassador is a relationship. We're eager to work together to achieve results than benefit everyone. If you decide to become and Ambassador, you'll see that Compassion's commitment to Ambassadors really is a relationship that helps your ministry as well as Compassion's.

Our Mutual Commitment

Over the years Compassion has partnered with hundreds of creative communicators. If there is one thing we consistently hear from them it is, "life on the road is tough!" We know there are days when you wake up and can't remember the name of the city you are in. Days when you feel more like a T-shirt salesman than someone called by God into your role as a communicator. Life on the road ranges from complicated to quite difficult. Not that there aren't plenty of upsides, but there are challenges, and we know it.

Please know, your well-being matters to us – and not just in the abstract.

Many of our ambassadors are pretty self-contained and do lots of dates that are in-and-out engagements; others set up shop for several days at conferences, conventions and extended events; others tour seasonally (some relentlessly). However you work, we’ll help as much as possible (without hovering). If you have time for a cup of coffee or a meal when we’re together, we’ll be delighted to join you! And if you need time to breathe or visit with other friends, say the word and we’ll give you space. Along the way we'll share stories and experiences to fuel your thinking, speaking and writing. At the end of the day, our hope is that your partnership with Compassion will bring a deeper sense purpose to the work you do.

We believe working together should benefit everyone. We want you to grow and succeed as a result of this partnership. We promise to pray for you, listen to you, do our best to empathize with you, and always tell you the truth. By partnering with Compassion – marrying what you do with what we do – you have the opportunity to present your audience with the transcendent call to rescue children from poverty in Jesus' name – and in the process perhaps awaken a passion to live as if the kingdom of God were their permanent address. But the benefit is not just for your audience, or Compassion. Countless ambassadors have shared with us that their partnership with Compassion has brought color back into the black and white world that life on the road can become.

At the core, being a Compassion Ambassador is a relationship. We don't set a specific amount of growth for you to achieve. Finding sponsors for five, 25, or 95 children a month changes the world for those kids. We're eager to work together to achieve results than benefit everyone. The better we know each other, the better we'll be able to serve you. Tell us what you need and we'll do our best. At the end of the day our hope is that you would be wildly successful, that God would indeed do more with your ministry than you could ever "ask or imagine."

When You Become an Ambassador

In addition to everything that has already been mentioned, Compassion will:

  • connect you with one of our relationship managers – this person will serve as your point person and a resource for all things related to your Compassion partnership.
  • provide training, materials and guidance so that you can maximize your Compassion partnership.
  • send regular updates regarding the impact and reach of Compassion’s ministry.
  • send regular updates regarding the reach of your specific ministry with Compassion so that you can better understand the impact your ministry is making.
Our Mutual Commitment