Expectations for Compassion Ambassadors

Our expectations for Compassion Ambassadors are pretty simple - put yourself in a position to be persuaded so you can be persuasive, take Compassion’s mission where we could not otherwise go and tell Compassion's story with integrity.

Put yourself in a position to be persuaded so you can be persuasive

Come and see. Let us show you what we do. Let us expose you to what we’ve learned over time. Let us explain why we take the approaches we take. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid of your doubts. We don’t want you pulling punches when you tell Compassion’s story and ask people to join you as a child sponsor. Keep learning. We want you to know what you’re talking about and we want you to talk about what you know.

Take Compassion’s mission where we could not otherwise go

As Compassion can take you where you almost certainly could not otherwise go, you can take Compassion to the hearts and minds of people who trust you. We ask you to be our ambassador in that circle of trust (and we promise we won’t knowingly behave in ways that could erode trust with your audience).

Tell Compassion's story with integrity

As a ministry Compassion is committed to integrity; as an artist we trust that you are too. That's why it is so important to us that when you speak about Compassion you use your own voice. Compassion does not provide a script to learn, or stats to memorize. Instead we work with you to share what is on your heart. We want you to be yourself to tell your audience about why you are so passionate about the work Compassion is doing. What is effective for you may not work for anyone else, and that is exactly as it should be.

Of course there are limits. We expect you to tell the truth when you talk about Compassion, to steer clear of exaggeration. We won't endorse what we refer to as "the pornography of poverty" that misrepresents and objectifies the poor. And we trust you to never browbeat an audience in our name.

All this is to affirm that we rely on you to uniquely engage your audience to release children from poverty in Jesus' name.