Who Are Compassion Ambassadors and What Do They Do?

Compassion Ambassadors are creative communicators: speakers, artists, worship leaders, comedians and visual artists who partner with Compassion child sponsors to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

That’s the short answer.

A slightly longer answer is that when an artist or speaker shares Compassion’s zeal for releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name — and when Compassion sees that passion reflected in the artist or speaker — it sometimes makes sense to form a mutually beneficial alliance.

Compassion Ambassadors are identified as messengers of Compassion. And Compassion comes to be identified with the preaching, teaching and art of our ambassadors. Compassion doesn’t call someone a Compassion Ambassador until we have cemented a mutually trusting relationship.

From there, worlds of possibilities open up as we seek out specific ways to work with the strengths of each Ambassador in ways that are mutually beneficial in building the kingdom of God.

How do I become a Compassion Ambassador?

The first step in becoming a Compassion Ambassador is to learn about Compassion and our Compassion Ambassadors program. As you consider partnering with Compassion, please prayerfully consider your decision. Once you are ready to take the next step, simply download and complete the application. Because Ambassadors serve as representatives of Compassion we ask each potential ambassador to complete this application process.