Partner with a church in the Philippines!

Partner with a church in the Philippines!

Lingap Bata Child Development Center

This church — with its satellite campuses throughout surrounding rural areas — has 350 members. They are committed to evangelism and discipleship through teaching, preaching, and living out the full gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Their worship is lively and dynamic with drums, guitars and keyboards and would be "much better if there were more!"

Pastor's Name: Estelita Mascarinas-Fiedalan
Country: Philippines 
Compassion Child Development Center: PH-261

Mount Apo Student Center

This church has 1,000 attendees and their vision is for their community to have a relationship with Christ and to teach and disciple others to bear fruit for God’s glory. As a part of this vision, they host 282 children at their Compassion center where they participate in Bible teaching, spiritual retreats, and youth camps

Pastor's Name: Daniel Gatmaitan Feleo
Country: Philippines 
Compassion Child Development Center: PH-574