AIC Kamangu Child Development Center

This church has 250 members and their vision is to provide a solid Christian community in which Disciples of Christ will grow and go out unto all the world. As a part of this vision they host 277 children at their Compassion center where they participate in camps, Bible studies, and film showings.

Renguti, Kenya

277 children

Pastor Isaac Wainaina Mwangi is changing Renguti as he serves the children in Jesus’ name. This church oversees a Compassion child development program and is looking to partner with a church in the U.S.

  • Compassion-sponsored children receive regular health screenings, medical treatment, supplemental nutrition, academic support, and counseling.
  • Activities at this center include: choir, field trips, vocational training, retreats, drama and debate clubs, guitar lessons, and various sports.
  • This church hosts a Child Survival Program that aids 35 caregivers and their 0-3 year olds.
  • They also host 4 Leadership Development Program students who are continuing their education in a local college.

I'd like to learn more about KE-723:

  • The dry hills of Renguti are home to 27,000 residents.
  • Most adults are employed as farmers and the average family income is the equivalent of $19/month. 
  • Main health issues: dental decay, eye and respiratory infections, malaria, typhoid.
  • Social and economic concerns: unemployment, alcoholism, illiteracy, lack of qualified teachers and academic resources, harmful cultural practices.
  • Africa Inland Church Kamangu began through the work of missionaries, and was carried on through the new believer’s evangelistic work and church planting.
  • This church has partnered with Compassion since January of 1996.
  • Relationships are strengthened between the community and the church, providing opportunity for greater spiritual outreach.
  • Parents have the opportunity to participate in parent trainings and income generating activities.
*Consider using this profile as a tool to begin a discussion with your leadership to see how it may fit with your church's vision and mission. While we cannot guarantee you will be partnered specifically with this Pastor, we are seeking participants for our Church to Church strategy.