Kiembeni Child Development Center

This church has 600 members and their vision is to preach the gospel and help the needy. As a part of their outreach to the community, this church hosts 295 children at their Compassion center, where the children are taught the Word of God and have the opportunity to develop into responsible leaders for their community.
Bamburi-Kiembeni, Kenya

295 children

Pastor James Kiusya Kituku is changing Bamburi-Kiembeni as he serves the children in Jesus' name. This church oversees a Compassion child development program and is looking to partner with a church in the U.S.

  • Compassion-assisted children receive regular health screenings, hygiene education, and medication when needed.
  • Bible teaching, nutritious meals, school tuition/supplies and after-school help are provided for the children.
  • The parents or guardians of the children have access to health seminars and parenting classes. 

I'd like to learn more about KE-504:

  • The coastal community of Bamburi-Kiembeni is home to 200,000 residents. Homes here are typically constructed of dirt floors, adobe walls and thatch roofs.
  • Health concerns: Poor sanitation, malnutrition, malaria, HIV/AIDS, skin diseases.
  • Social issues: Unemployment, drug and substance abuse, lack of education.

  • Kiembeni Baptist Church began in 1983 with seven members who met under a mango tree.
  • They built a school for the children and also offer community classes to develop skills in tailoring, masonry, welding, catering and carpentry.
  • The church is committed to evangelism and being a voice for the voiceless in their community.

  • Kiembeni Baptist Church has partnered with Compassion since 2001.
  • One Leader Discipleship Program (LDP) student has graduated from this center.
  • This church hosts a Compassion Child Survival Program that provides aid to 70 mothers and infant children.

  • Many of the parents of the sponsored children have also come to know God through teachings and home visits.
  • Registered children and their parents/guardians are given the opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge to better provide for their families.
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