Shashemene Child Development Center

Camppanero, Ethopia

327 children

Pastor Yehalashet Biru is changing Shashemene as he serves the children in Jesus' name. This church oversees a Compassion child development program and is looking to partner with a church in the United States.

  • Bethel Student Center serves the children and families of Campanero.
  • Compassion-assisted children receive spiritual guidance through daily devotions, Bible studies, and Sunday school.
  • Children have regular health check-ups, proper hygiene workshops, and support with educational needs (fees, uniforms, supplies, and homework help). 
  • Parents/Guardians benefit from workshops and trainings offered at this center.

I'd like to learn more about ET-428:

  • Campanero is located on the plains of central Bolivia.
  • Typical houses are constructed of dirt floors, brick walls, and corrugated iron roofs.
  • The average family income is $97/month, and most adults are employed as plantation workers.
  • Health challenges: tuberculosis, intestinal infections, and fevers.
  • Common social needs: sanitary systems, running water, and accessible technical and job training.
  • Iglesia Bethel began as several small congregations meeting in members’ homes.
  • The Lord provided the funds for a church building through local church members and a group of foreign missionaries.
  • They now have 50 members and actively reach out to their surrounding community.
  • This church has partnered with Compassion since 2001.
  • 327 children from the community participate in the Child Sponsorship Program.
  • Registered child participate in field trips, recreational activities, and drama programs that encourage creativity and confidence.
  • A safe and affirming environment is provided for chidren to learn and play.
  • Children and their families hear the Gospel and are encouraged to grow in their relationship with God.
  • Parents or guardias can learn principles of Godly parenting and gain vocational training to enhance their employment potential.
*Consider using this profile as a tool to begin a discussion with your leadership to see how it may fit with your church's vision and mission. While we cannot guarantee you will be partnered specifically with this Pastor, we are seeking participants for our Church to Church strategy.