Kuyera Kerara Kale Hiwot Church Student Center

This church has close to 1,000 attendees and their vision is to teach, disciple, and proclaim the Gospel in unreached communities. As a part of this vision, they host 244 children at their Compassion center where they attend regular Bible classes and are shown the love of God through center staff and volunteers..

Kuyera, Ethiopia

244 children

Pastor Malaku Seifu is changing Kuyera as he serves the children in Jesus’ name. This church oversees a Compassion child development program and is looking to partner with a church in the United States.

  • Compassion-sponsored children receive regular health screenings and treatment, supplementary nutrition, sanitation materials, and academic support.
  • Some activities at the center include: homework help, hygiene classes, special celebrations, choir and worship programs, and recreational activities.
  • The program staff also provides HIV awareness, counseling, and parenting programs for parents of these children..

I'd like to learn more about ET-137:

  • The humid plains of Kuyera are home to 20,000 residents.
  • Most employed adults work as subsistence farmers. Unemployment is at 45%.
  • Social issues: alcoholism, family disintegration, prostitution, lack of vocational training, ill-equipped schools.
  • Kuyera Kerara Kake Heywet Church was established in 1955 by missionaries from the Society of International Missions. They planted the church simultaneously with a hospital and two schools.
  • Over eighty percent of the surrounding community follows other religions, so spiritual transformation is a main focus of the congregation.
  • This church has partnered with Compassion since 2006.
  • The church is gaining acceptance in the community through these programs and families are hearing the Gospel. 
  • Children are given the chance to grow spiritually,
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