Dios Proveeder Student Center

The Dios Proveeder Student Center provides Compassion-assisted children with computer workshops, after-school tutoring, regular check-ups, nutritional food, and hygiene education. They also offer training to the parents of these children to help them get better jobs to sustain their families.
El Salvador

Chalchuapa, El Salvador

334 children

Pastor Pedro Antonio Polanco Tobar is changing Chalchuapa as he serves the children in Jesus' name. This church oversees a Compassion child development program and is looking to partner with a church in the U.S.

  • Dios Proveeder Student Center provides Compassion-assisted children with Bible teaching, after school help, English language classes and computer workshops.
  • These children are given regular health checkups, nutritional food and hygiene education.
  • Parents or guardians of the children have the opportunity to attend parenting classes and meetings.

I'd like to learn more about ES-752:

  • Located on the plains, Chalchuapa is home to 75,000 residents.
  • Most adults work as laborers and earn the equivalent of $103 per month.
  • Social concerns: unemployment (40%), delinquency, family disintegration, lack of vocational training.
  • Health issues: malnutrition, intestinal infections, respiratory diseases.
  • Nueva Jerusalem Evangelical Church began in 1984.
  • Their purpose is to share the good news of salvation and they thank God for enabling and blessing their ministry.
  • They are beginning a new nursery program to reach out to the single mothers in their community by providing free child care while the mothers are at work.
  • This church has partnered with Compassion for 12 years.
  • Children have the opportunity to learn valuable skills such as sewing, computers, and hairstyling, in addition to conversational English.
  • Education/training is offered to parents and guardians.
  • Preschool-age children begin learning and developing skills at an earlier age.
  • Social activities and field trips are provided.
  • Many in the community are hearing the gospel through this church and through their children who attend Compassion programs.
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