MMB Viliroco Student Center

Viliroco, Bolivia

Pastor Raúl Alanoca is changing Viliroco as he serves the children in Jesus’ name. This church oversees a Compassion child development program and is looking to partner with a church in the U.S.

  • Compassion-sponsored children are provided with regular health check-ups, health workshops, and educational assistance.

  • Sports, field trips to museums and parks, and vocational training are regular center activities.

  • Center staff also provide evangelism, vocational training, and family counseling for parents of the children. 

I'd like to learn more about BO-435:

  • The plains of Viliroco are home to 6,500 people.

  • Unemployment is at 75% and the average family monthly income is $85.

  • Social concerns: broken families, unemployment, precarious housing, lack of health.

  • Health problems: gastrointestinal infections, hepatitis, colds.

  • Evangelical Christian World Missions of Bolivia Viliroco began 25 years ago as a church expansion with 70 members.

  • They are extremely active in their community through women’s, widow, orphan, parent education, and other ministries.

  • This church began their children’s outreach project even before forming an alliance with Compassion in 2007.

  • Children and their families have the opportunity to receive Christ, hear truth, and see it lived out by the program and church staff.

  • The community as a whole is improving due to increase of vocational training options and the spread of Godly morals.

*Consider using this profile as a tool to begin a discussion with your leadership to see how it may fit with your church's vision and mission. While we cannot guarantee you will be partnered specifically with this Pastor, we are seeking participants for our Church to Church strategy.