Franz Tamayo Student Center

Franz Tamayo, Bolivia

Pastor Miguel Angel Condori Cruz is changing Franz Tamayo A Neighborhood  as he serves the children in Jesus’ name. This church oversees a Compassion child development program and is looking to partner with a church in the U.S.

  • Compassion-sponsored children receive regular health checkups and healthy habits training as well as consistent homework and school help.

  • Sports, competitions, and other social events are made available for the children. 

  •  The center staff also put on workshops for parents focusing on parenting, evangelism, and study of the Bible.

I'd like to learn more about BO-426:

  • The dry plains of Franz Tamayo A Neighborhood are home to 4,500 people.

  • Most adults work as street vendors or are unemployed and many parents must travel to other countries to find work to support their families.

  • Common health problems: lung, skin, and intestinal infections, malnutrition, anemia.

  • Social concerns: lack of housing, unemployment, limited economic resources and school equipment.

  • Evangelical United Church Franz Tamayo began when a few Christians in the area saw the need to profess the word of God in this community.

  • They have moved and rented many places, but have now been blessed with their own church property.

  • This church has partnered with Compassion since 2006.

  • This church has partnered with Compassion since 2006

  • With the pastor’s view on children’s programs being that they are the strength of the church, hundreds of children hear the Gospel and in turn share it with their families.

  • Parents and children have the opportunity to attain vocational training skills in masonry, taxi-driving, and hairdressing.

*Consider using this profile as a tool to begin a discussion with your leadership to see how it may fit with your church's vision and mission. While we cannot guarantee you will be partnered specifically with this Pastor, we are seeking participants for our Church to Church strategy.