Water Aid

Clean Water
The Issue

When a community's only water source is contaminated, parents have no choice but to risk sickness — even death — in an effort to quench their children's thirst. Your church or ministry group can change that.

ACT NOW - What Your
Church Can Do Today

Diseases from unsafe water and poor sanitation kill
more people than all forms of violence — even war.
Andy-McKellar A Leader's Perspective

Andy and Dannette McKellar wanted to do something different with their church's youth group. They'd heard how Compassion Water of Life was providing safe water and helping prevent the spread of cholera in Haiti. As it turns out, it was also a great way to fire up their students.  Read more

the-facts-clean-water The Facts

Every 15 seconds, a child dies from water-related diseases. That's 4,000 children a day who die from diseases such as cholera and typhoid. In addition, over 40 billion work hours are lost each year in Africa due to the need to fetch drinking water.

The Solution

Compassion Water of Life. One system can provide a family with over 1 million gallons of safe water by filtering out deadly bacteria and pollutants. The filtration system has been tested and approved by the United Nations. Not only does it prevent water-borne illnesses, it means children can spend time in school instead of walking miles to collect water.

what-can-my-church-do-water-of-life What Can My Church Do?

Small groups, ministries or your entire church can take part in a Compassion Water of Life event. Find the dirtiest water possible and turn it into safe water on the spot! We'll provide you with an actual Compassion Water of Life safe water system so you can do a live demonstration of the filtration process. People will be inspired to act by making one simple donation so they can transform the health and futures of families in poverty in Jesus' name.

How Does It Work?

Every $79 gift provides a family with one complete system, which will yield over 1 million gallons of safe water. That's enough to meet a family's needs for a lifetime!

How Will This Strengthen My Church?

It will help build a culture of generosity. When people's hearts soften in response to a need and they make a decision to let God use them, spiritual muscles develop that will extend far beyond this clean water event.