Stand Up for Children Who are At Risk

Stand Up for Children Who are At Risk

Of the 26 countries where we work, 8 countries have been identified as acutely dangerous for children in poverty, including Indonesia, Uganda, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, Kenya, Colombia and Bolivia. Your church can specifically request to sponsor children from one of these countries when you register your Child Sponsorship Event.

Sponsored children receive more than holistic care. They also have regular interaction with local church staff who know and love them. The presence of a trusted adult advocate in these children’s lives is an additional—comforting—safeguard in countries where vulnerable children often slip through the cracks unnoticed.

In the developing world, your church can be a gateway to truth and light. The need for you to act is very real:

World Poverty

Garbage Chicken for Dinner

In the Philippines there is a disturbing practice that's gaining ground amongst the poorest of the poor.

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Church in Action

Hawaiian Church Supports Future Leader

When Pastor Dan Chun learned Compassion had a program to help children in poverty attend college and earn a degree, he wanted his church to get involved. Yet the $300 per month commitment felt daunting.

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