The Church in Action

My Church’s Transformation: A Vibrant Faith

  |   Posted: September 13, 2012

Soon, Red Rocks Church decided to host their first Compassion Sunday Child Sponsorship Event. “The response was significant…even overwhelming,” says Pastor Bruegman. “Our church family sponsored hundreds of children in Haiti. Since then, our congregation has also generated a surplus that is fully funding a Compassion Child Survival Program in Haiti, to serve highly vulnerable infants and their mothers.

As a church leader, I know even good opportunities can sometimes feel like one more thing to manage, and the church budget feels vulnerable. But I’m telling you: your general fund cannot do without moments like these. God affirms this kind of generosity.”

Red Rocks Church believes firmly that to build up your community within the four walls of your church, you need to build up the community outside of them. In just seven years, the church has grown to hold five services between two campuses. To learn more about Red Rocks Church and their commitment to encouraging spiritual development and life change in people, visit

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The Church in Action

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