What Church Partnership Looks Like
Pastor Ken Burkey Tells His Compassion Sunday Story

When a child takes the birthday money you’ve given him and uses it to buy rice and oil for his family, it touches your heart. For the people in Pastor Ken Burkey’s church, stories like this have fueled a desire to act on behalf of the world’s children in need.

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Sponsor a Child

Child sponsorship connects one sponsor with one child, serving that child's spiritual, physical, economic and social needs through the loving touch of her local church. By helping children see the potential for a life out of poverty while understanding the love and word of God, they can be released from hopelessness and transformed in faith.

  • Bring a Child Sponsorship Event to your church and watch the stories of life change that happen on both sides of the sponsor-child relationship!
  • Read how child sponsorship helps at risk children in developing countries. Your church can have a child sponsorship event that focuses on vulnerable children from India, Uganda, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, Kenya, Columbia, and Bolivia.

Rescue a Baby

The fight for life begins in the womb. The Child Survival Program is a vital, first-step intervention in the life of a child in poverty. Through our indigenous church partners, mothers and babies receive medical care, nutritious food and early child

Meet Critical Needs

From malaria and natural disasters to lack of clean water and severe food shortages, many issues can exceed the capacity of our core programs, threatening to prevent a child from rising above poverty. Our child-focused philosophy means we will try to address any barrier that stands in the way of a child's holistic development. 

  • Save lives and extend your ministry's reach around the world; choose a topic that resonates with your church family.
  • Read Ammy's story of rescue and hope. Your church can get involved with health and medical needs, educational needs, or disaster relief and stability so that children have the opportunity to fulfill their God given potential.

Build a Leader

The Leadership Development Program provides bright, responsible, motivated students the opportunity to attend an accredited university and receive rigorous Christian leadership training. Within this select group, 97% earn their undergraduate degrees and emerge equipped and empowered to transform their communities with the love of Christ.

  • Encourage your church to help raise-up a new generation of indigenous Christian leaders by supporting one or more Leadership Development students.
  • Watch the compelling video of Beguens Theus' release from poverty. Hear Beguens' story as he grew from being a Compassion-sponsored child to becoming a member of Haiti's Parliament, and be inspired to join a movement of developing Christian leaders for the next generation.

World Poverty

Garbage Chicken for Dinner

In the Philippines there is a disturbing practice that's gaining ground amongst the poorest of the poor.

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Church in Action

Hawaiian Church Supports Future Leader

When Pastor Dan Chun learned Compassion had a program to help children in poverty attend college and earn a degree, he wanted his church to get involved. Yet the $300 per month commitment felt daunting.

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