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Infant Survival
The Issue

When a pregnant woman in the developing world is ill or malnourished and gives birth alone, the health of both mother and baby are at grave risk. Your church can help give moms and babies in poverty a fighting chance by supporting the Child Survival Program.

ACT NOW - What Your
Church Can Do Today

Rescuing vulnerable moms and babies in Jesus' name
is a servant-approach to global evangelism.
A Pastor's Perspective

Craig Groeschel, Senior Pastor of, says his church supports a Compassion Child Survival Program in Ecuador because "it is a tangible, proactive effort that is not only saving lives and making a daily difference, but is leading parents and children to Christ."

the-facts-child-survival The Facts

Every day, 1,600 women and more than 10,000 newborns die from preventable complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Almost 99% of maternal and 90% of neonatal mortalities occur in the developing world.

the-solution-child-survival-program The Solution

Compassion's Child Survival Program. It's a life-saving, life-changing intervention on behalf of the world's most vulnerable babies and mothers. Trained Child Survival Specialists from Compassion's indigenous church partners make home visits to moms and babies in the program, tending to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs before, during and after birth. It's a relational discipleship approach that strengthens women and families by pouring the love and hope of Jesus into their lives at a critical time.

what-can-my-church-do-child-survival What Can My Church Do?

Host a Stories of Survival event. When your church or ministry group discovers the harsh reality for millions of moms and babies in the developing world, they will be encouraged and motivated to put their faith in action for the least — and littlest — of these.

How Does It Work? how-it-works-child-survival

For $20 per month, people in your church or ministry group can invest in a specific Child Survival Program located in an indigenous community. The program they choose to support will provide nutrition, health care and spiritual nurturing for local mothers and babies in need. Programs also empower moms through literacy classes and the opportunity to build income-generating skills so they can help lead their families out of poverty.

How Will This Strengthen My Church? church-impact-child-survival

This ministry gives your church the opportunity to make Jesus and His message real on an international scale by empowering a church overseas to care for its moms and babies. Your support will bless these moms and babies while also impacting their family members, friends and entire communities. It is a grassroots method to carry out the Great Commission and create spiritually strong families in the developing world.