Hawaiian Church Supports Future Leaders

Hawaiian Church Supports Future Leaders
Pastor Dan Chun and LDP Student Elma

When Pastor Dan Chun learned Compassion had a program to help children in poverty attend college and earn a degree, he wanted his church to get involved. Yet the $300 per month commitment felt daunting.

“I decided to ask each of my 30 church elders to chip in $10 per month so we could support a Leadership Development Program (LDP) student together,” says Pastor Chun. “They agreed, and we began supporting Elma in the Philippines.”

When Pastor Chun’s Women’s Ministries Team heard of the group sponsor idea, they decided to sponsor a student from Rwanda. Then the deacons heard, and they sponsored another Filipino student.

“Today, our church sponsors 12 LDP students,” says Pastor Chun. “We have each of their photos framed on our walls, along with photos of 700 children sponsored through our church. I can tell you, their picatures and letters minister greatly to us.”

Dan Chun is pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu and president and co-founder of Hawaiian Islands Ministries. Through the two ministries, 5,000 children have been sponsored, including 30 LDP students.

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