Fighting Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic

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Fighting Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic

Cholera is a rare disease in the United States. But just a few hundred miles away in Haiti, cholera exacts a heavy toll.

One of the primary ways to contract this deadly disease is through the consumption of contaminated water. According to a recent report, almost 3,000 Haitians are infected with cholera each month. And since 2010, when cholera first appeared in the country, 8,190 have died from it.

Responding to the cholera epidemic, the Haitian government recently developed a plan called the “National Plan for the Elimination of Cholera in Haiti.” A big part of the comprehensive, ten-year plan is raising access to potable water from the current 50 percent for urban residents and 30 percent for rural residents to a countrywide average of 85 percent.

The plan is a noble one, but given Haiti’s deep poverty, its accomplishment is highly doubtful.

One of Compassion’s primary goals in Haiti – as in the other countries where we minister – is to remove the barrier of waterborne diseases, like cholera, to the healthy development of our assisted children. Water projects, from digging fresh water wells to providing water filters to individual families through Compassion Water of Life, are simple interventions that not only protect vulnerable children and families from disease, but also share God’s love and compassion in a tangible way.

Read more about Compassion Water of Life and learn how you can help supply safe water for life.

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