Developing Leaders

Leadership Development
The Issue

Corruption is a global injustice that intensifies poverty and blocks the light of Christ form reaching the lives of the oppressed. Your church can restore hope and truth to the nations by helping raise up a new generation of Godly leaders.

ACT NOW - What Your
Church Can Do Today

Training servant leaders is a powerful way for churches
to build the global body of Christ.
Todd-Alewine A Pastor's Perspective

"You'd think a college student in the Dominican Republic would be so poor that he'd have nothing to give," said Senior Pastor Todd Alewine of Brevard Community Church in North Carolina. "But our church found out that wasn't the case." Read more

The-Facts-Corruption The Facts

Corruption and inefficiency run rampant in the government offices of many developing nations, often preventing aid and health care from reaching those in need. In 2004, the World Bank estimated that developing countries lose up to $100 million every year because of corrupt acts.

The-Solution-LDP-Graduate The Solution

Compassion's Leadership Development Program. This program opens the door for select graduates of Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program to access a first-class college education and rigorous Christian leadership training in their home country. They emerge from the program with an undergraduate degree and both the skills and passion to impact their nation for Christ. Our experience has shown: changed people change their communities!

what-can-my-church-do-LDP What Can My Church Do?

This program gives your church and ministry groups the chance to be a catalyst for change in the developing world. When you sponsor a student through the Leadership Development Program, you're putting a stake in the ground for Christ in another nation. As you support, encourage and mentor that student overseas, you are not only raising up a future leader, you're investing in and altering that leader's community.

How Does It Work?

Choose from dozens of Leadership Development students around the world who are available for sponsorship. For $300 per month, you can provide one student with a first-class education (including tuition, books, room, board and transportation when necessary) and intensive Christian leadership training. There is no underestimating the impact your church can create in the mission field by equipping a strong servant leader who is just waiting for a chance to bring light to his or her own people.

How Will This Strengthen My Church?

This is about building a disciple with the power and influence to make more disciples. As your church family enters into this global ministry, and pours into the life of a student through support, prayers and encouragement, their own faith and character in Christ will grow. The Leadership Development Program is a targeted, relational strategy that not only serves the student, it serves those who contribute to the student as they act with obedience to Matthew 28:19.

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