International Missions for U.S. Churches

International Missions for U.S. Churches
Do you lead a small group, Bible study or church ministry?

Help people develop a heart for the poor and grow in their relationship with Christ. Here are a few ways your mini church can make a global difference:

Help vulnerable children living in poverty.

Through sponsorship, your church will enable indigenous churches to nurture and protect their local children from exploitation.

Give children in poverty clean water.

Unsafe water compromises a child's health. Your church can help children continue their journey away from poverty by providing clean water.

Your church can help release children from poverty in Jesus' name.

Children in extreme poverty have no voice and often, no self-worth. Your church has the power to release children from poverty’s grip.

Help babies beat the odds of poverty and not only survive but thrive.

Your church can invest in babies' early development while allowing the indigenous church to mentor moms with biblical principles.

Help develop leaders living in poverty.

By encouraging talented students, your church can raise up a generation of Godly servant leaders who are bold influencers of change.

Help children in poverty fight malaria.

Malaria is a preventable, treatable disease your church can help stop so children stay healthy and reach their full potential.

Help children in poverty today.

Your church can step in and bridge a gap, providing needed care for children while they wait to be sponsored.

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