Compassion's Church Training Program

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Compassion's Church Training Program

Building cross-cultural relationships is neither an easy nor quick process. Participating U.S. churches come with a wide spectrum of experiences and abilities in international missions. In order to bring each church and its leadership team onto an equal platform for success, we have compiled the following materials. Although significant in hours, we believe this orientation is solid and worth the time investment we ask you to give.

Some Church to Church participants are highly qualified to enter into an authentic, healthy Church to Church partnership; in fact, you could possibly add to the curriculum. However, we respectfully ask you to participate wholeheartedly with a teachable spirit, anticipating the Holy Spirit to give you new thoughts, perspectives and prayers as you enter into this exciting phase of missions in your church. Completing this training reinforces the idea that, with all valuable relationships, the end result is worth the patience, prayer, study and thoughtful reflection.

One final comment: We believe in this curriculum so much that we're requested each partner church in the developing countries invest in this activity as well. Getting everyone on the same page is an important element for success.

May God be honored as we embark on His mission together to release children from poverty in Jesus' name.

When Helping Hurts

When Helping Hurts is
recommended reading for
this orientation. Request
two complimentary copies
for your church.