Willy Ouma

Willy Ouma

Willy's small childhood home in Uganda was shared by 11 children and a father with several wives. Food and money were scarce. Before he began attending a Compassion program at age 9, Willy's life had "no reference of God, no attending Sunday school, no care and love by the people around me, and no shoes," he says.

Willy came to know Jesus Christ as his Savior at age 15. Since participating in the Leadership Development Program, he has learned job skills as well as how to be a servant leader. He graduated from Uganda Christian University in Mukono with a bachelor's degree in social work and social administration. In 2006 he launched Nazarite Foundation Ministries to promote the gospel. He also worked at a Compassion child development center discipling teenagers and equipping them to serve their communities.

At Moody Bible Institute Willy is working toward a Master of Arts in spiritual formation and discipleship. He believes his training at Moody will prepare him to teach the Bible and spread God's truth in his home country. When he returns to Uganda, he hopes to plant strong churches, helping believers "come out of poverty that has bedeviled the church too long, in Africa and Uganda in particular! Only proper teaching of the Word of God will help us accomplish this."

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