T.J. Foltz

T.J. Foltz

Topics: Evangelism and Discipleship, Youth and Young Adults

T.J. Foltz

T. J. Foltz has been speaking on behalf of Compassion kids for almost 20 years.  His background in youth and children's ministry combined with a heart for missions led him on many visits to see Compassion's work internationally.  But it was the water he saw people drinking that led him into the unorthodox mission that he has recently embraced.

T. J. started the bottled spring water franchise Humankind Water.  Humankind gives 100% of their net profits to fund wells and filtration systems in parts of the world where children are quite literally dying for lack of clean water.  Many of the children Compassion International serves know the suffering and sickness associated with contaminated water.  Humankind entered and won a national WalMart competition, receiving more votes than any of the other 4000 products, to earn a place on WalMart's shelves.  It's a remarkable story how this little bottled water company, that started out selling bottles out of the back of a Jeep, has quickly grown to find a place on the shelf at the world's largest retailer.

Now, in addition to serving as Humankind's president and CEO, T. J. also travels and speaks urging folks around the country and around the world to help kids everywhere get life's most basic necessities.  T.J. educates and motivates people around the world on what he calls "The Basics and the Basis of Philanthropy."

T. J. Lives with his two sons in Philadelphia, PA.

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