Seth Snowden

Seth Snowden

Topics: Evangelism and Discipleship, Youth and Young Adults

Seth Snowden

Seth Snowden was raised in a Christian home. But after 18 years, he found himself lost and alone in a felony cell block somewhere in Virginia. Belief in God wasn't the question. Seth had been saved as a toddler and could recite countless Bible stories. However, apathetic years spent slouching in a pew and the slow fade from his relationship with God led Seth down a dark and dead-end road.

He was finally at the end of his rope with nowhere to turn. It was in that moment of surrender that God decided to meet with Seth on a whole new level.

He recalls, "In that jail cell God spoke to me in an undeniable manner and the love He revealed to me was unlike anything I've ever experienced. It was true love. It was real."

One year later, Seth has been busy traveling with multiple Christian artists sharing his story and the passion God has put in his heart for this generation to live out their faith.

Most recently, Seth joined forces with Compassion International and Fig Tree Clothing in the fight against poverty. His vision is to see the Body of Christ come together and make an actual difference.

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