Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar

Topics: Child Sponsorship, Formerly Sponsored Children, Leadership Development

Satish Kumar

Satish grew up in Bangalore, India, in a very poor family as the youngest of four children. His father was a vegetable vendor, while his mother cared for the home and children. Often the young boy’s father went to a bar after work, spending the day’s earnings on alcohol. After drinking, he would come home and abuse his wife and children.

Satish became a sponsored child in the local Compassion program when he was 6 years old. Hope was ignited in his life, and he began working hard in the classroom, encouraged by the care of staff members at his Compassion-assisted child development center.

Tragically, Satish witnessed his father commit suicide by setting himself and the house on fire. Left a widow, Satish’s mother had to take care of four children below the age of 14 without any means to provide for them or any place to live. Local Compassion program staff stepped in, providing shelter and assistance to Satish and his family. Satish continued to work hard in school during this difficult time, and upon graduating from high school, he was accepted into Compassion’s Leadership Development Program. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in business management in 2011!

Satish currently works for Compassion International at the Global Ministry Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. After his one-year fellowship, he will return to Bangalore and apply training, tools and resources acquired during his time in the US. He has started his own event management company and hopes to pursue his master’s degree.

He says, “I have known the love of God and have tasted the sweetness of His everlasting joy. God has always been my guide and refuge, and now I stand here before you a humble servant of God and His people. I place the remaining years of my life into God’s hands, to be used to build His kingdom.”

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