Moses Ashaba

Moses Ashaba

Topics: Child Advocacy, Formerly Sponsored Children, Poverty

Moses Ashaba

Growing up with a single mom was a challenge for Moses as a young child. His mother was uneducated, unskilled and unemployed with eight children.  He and his siblings were constantly turned away from schools so they had to travel from place to place in an attempt to find an education. One night, Moses remembers his mother coming home with some unusual excitement and joy. She broke the news that Moses had become sponsored with Compassion.  He remembers celebrating with tears of joy along with his other siblings.

“I have witnessed a tremendous turn of events in my life ever since Compassion restored my hope,” Moses says. “I have felt God like never before, especially in the heart of my sponsor.  He and his family shared the love of God with me through their many letters all the way from Australia.”

With his hope restored, Moses continued to learn and grow within his school and the local Compassion project. When he was nineteen, he was chosen to be part of the Leadership Development Program.  He graduated from Uganda Christian University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law in 2010 and vividly remembers his graduation day saying, “I will never forget my mother’s face as I put on my cap and gown and received my diploma.”

Currently, Moses is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Law from Temple University in Philadelphia.  He is married and recently traveled to Oregon to visit his LDP sponsor, which was an experience that he will never forget. Moses will be taking the New York Bar Exam this coming July and he hopes to use his Law degree to work towards the restoration of peace, eradicating injustice, and protecting human rights within his community and the world over.

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