Maria Momojara Diamond

Maria Momojara Diamond

Topics: Child Advocacy, Compassion Alumni, Poverty

Maria Momojara Diamond is a Spanish/English translator for a Christian translation organization that provides services to Compassion Peru. Because of her own personal childhood experiences with Compassion, her work is extremely significant and meaningful to her. She loves the opportunity to serve both the students and program staff with her interpretation skills.

Maria Momojara

Maria was raised in Lima, Peru, in an impoverished neighborhood riddled with gangs, crime and drugs. Life was difficult, and her parents struggled to provide for their family. Everything changed when she was 7 years old: she and her brothers were invited to participate in Compassion's child development program at their local church. For the first time, her family’s physical needs were met as food, education and healthcare were provided through their Compassion sponsorships.

Learning English as a second language was one of the greatest gifts from Maria’s involvement with Compassion. That skill opened the door to countless new opportunities for her. After she graduated high school, she found employment as an interpreter, enabling her to directly help provide for her family.

Maria thrives in her role as a Compassion advocate and speaker, eager to use her voice on behalf of children in desperate situations just as she once was. She is a passionate and vibrant speaker who loves sharing her story in a way that inspires others to action.

She and her husband, Paul, live in Severn, Maryland, with their daughter Alani Jasmine.

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