Keewani Vallejo-Cook

Keewani Vallejo-Cook

Topics: Child Advocacy, Compassion Alumni, Formerly Sponsored Children, Poverty

Keewani Vallejo-Cook

Keewani was born in the Philippines and can still remember to this day the pains of growing up in poverty. Her father was an alcoholic and worked as a janitor and her mother as a cafeteria worker. She was the youngest of four children but her three older brothers died due to their lack of resources and access to basic medical care. She became an older sister at the age of three and remembers that her parents often had to go without eating just so the children would have something to eat.

Keewani began to question her life and future at an early age. She wondered how she would ever get an education if her family couldn’t even find enough food to eat.

However, her childhood drastically changed when at the age of seven, her dad picked up a Christian tract on the floor of his workplace and was invited to an event. He entered into a relationship with Jesus and her mom soon followed. Keewani shortly thereafter became sponsored through the Compassion project at their local church. “I felt God’s love through my sponsors’ letters. They would always tell me that Jesus loves me. I began to believe that I was special in the eyes of God and that poverty would not be my destiny or my destination.”

Keewani was accepted into the first class of LDP students in the Philippines and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy, finishing in the top ten of her class on her board exams. She is currently a physical therapist and desires to use her degree to participate in medical missions, sharing with children the love of Jesus Christ and the hope that can be found in Him. She yearns to see her home country experience the love of Christ so that calloused hearts may be forever changed and for poverty to no longer be a part of so many Filipinos’ everyday lives.

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