Justin Lookadoo

Justin Lookadoo

Topics: Evangelism and Discipleship, Sexuality, Youth and Young Adults

Justin Lookadoo's witty, off-the-wall-style of writing, nails reality "slab dab in the middle," as translated in Justin's native El Paso lingo.

He leverages current and relevant cultural twists to show teens that biblical Christian values are actually cool rules to live by.

He says, "Everything I do wraps around two themes: identity and purpose. Who am I? Why am I here? These are the challenges that face young people today."

When it comes to young adults, Jason is a certified specialist in the field, having served as a juvenile probation officer, crime and drug prevention specialist for six years.

With more than 17 years of success "in the system," Justin is an in-demand speaker whose credibility is built on his books, The Hardest 30 Days of Your Life, Extreme Encounters and Dateable. His reach extends from middle school to college and beyond — for audiences filled with parents that need insight on better communication skills with their kids.

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