Julian Alum

Julian Alum

Topics: Child Advocacy, Formerly Sponsored Children, Poverty

Julian Alum

After the death of her father, Julian was faced with the horrors of life in a polygamous and broken family whose relatives deserted her. She was introduced to child labor at the age of 6 to help supplement her mothers’ meager income and was forced to drop out of school and to scavenge for food through the leftovers in the local market in order to survive. Enrolled in a Compassion project at the age of 10, she was introduced to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and later realized that God had led her through all the traumatic events of her life in order to be better prepared to serve Him through ministering to the broken-hearted.

She received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Baylor University in 2013 and is currently working with Compassion’s Mobile Experience as well as continuing to speak on Compassion’s behalf. Julian will be returning to Uganda in June of 2014 to continue her ministry in her home country.

“Millions of children living in poverty are born to be leaders, but this potential will only come about if they are given an opportunity.” Julian’s desire is to become a leading advocate for the poor in Uganda by designing programs that address holistic development as well as programs that deal with social injustices like poverty, orphans, gender-based violence, HIV/AIDS and lack of education for young girls.

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